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The Creation Of Memory Foam Mattresses

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Not all that long ago, no one had ever heard of a memory foam mattress. Today, though, memory foam mattresses are becoming famous and are products that are looked at with great interest. Due to their extreme comfort, durability, and all the of health benefits they may provide, some say that memory foam mattresses have "revolutionized" the way we sleep. Who created the first memory foam mattress, though? What were the reasons for straying from standard mattresses of the day? Why go to all the trouble and expense to find a mattress to give a better night's sleep? The answers are as follows: Believe it or not, NASA can be given credit for creating the very first memory foam mattress. NASA's Ames Research Center focused the research to create a "memory foam" in the early 1970s. They wanted a material that astronauts could sleep on comfortably, that conformed to their bodies, and actually sensed body temperature to provide the precise amount of support or give that their body needed. This research led to the creation of a foam material - Visco elastic. It is a material that can conform to a body's shape, giving the full body support necessary for a full night of comfortable sleep. Although known as "memory foam", it does not technically remember a person's shape and size. It does, however, conform to any body lying on it by evacuating air from each of the memory foam cells which make up the mattress. Although NASA created memory foam and the first memory foam mattress, many manufacturers are now producing these types of mattresses for the general public. Each year, memory foam mattresses are gaining popularity with consumers across the globe. To find out about several different memory foam mattresses, visit www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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