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The food and drink that secretly contains caffeine

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If you have got your mind set on a good night’s sleep then you’ll no doubt want to steer clear of products that contain caffeine. For most people, this means not drinking cups of tea and coffee in the hours before it’s time to hit the hay. However, you could be consuming caffeine without even realising it. Here are five foods and drinks that secretly contain caffeine. Chocolate Say it isn’t so! Sadly, caffeine is found in cocoa beans and therefore each bar of chocolate can actually act as a stimulant. If you regularly give into the munchies before going to bed, then it might be one of the reasons you are not sleeping so well. Protein bars Protein bars are used for the purpose of gaining weight and muscle. However, they are also designed to give you a little energy boost along the way. How? Well, with a generous helping of caffeine. Soft drinks Soft drinks are a major culprit when it comes to caffeine. Therefore, if you are desperate to get some undisturbed sleep, you’re best steering well clear of brands like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola. If you really can’t kick your soft drink habit, then brands like Coca Cola also offer a caffeine-free alternative to their main product. Weight loss pills Once upon a time, you might have been having sleepless nights because your diet wasn’t going well. But now your diet is going well and you’re still having sleepless nights – so what gives? If you’ve been using weight loss pills, then you’ll find that they’re most likely packed with caffeine. This might help you shed a few pounds, but it certainly won’t help you nod off at night. Decaf coffee Arguably, the most surprising of all. Generations of customers have been led to believe that decaf coffee actually means caffeine-free coffee. In actual fact, it just means the amount of caffeine is reduced. Avoid caffeine for a good night’s sleep Caffeine blocks the sleep-inducing chemicals you need to nod off at night. It can leave you wide awake when it comes to bedtime, or even waking continuously throughout the night. Quit the caffeine for a much better night's sleep.
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