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The grey bedroom trend and how to achieve it

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If you've been looking for bedroom decor inspiration, you'll have seen grey is the in thing right now. People are starting to believe the right shade of light grey is becoming the new Magnolia. Contrary to belief, there's a lot more than 50 shades of grey and a million ways to style it. Here's a look at the grey bedroom trend and how to achieve it, without overdoing it (unless you want to, of course)!


(credit - Pinterest) Monochrome isn't always just black and white. Grey fits beautifully into a monochrome themed room - add it through pictures, bedding or rugs for a subtle pop of grey.

Green & Grey

(credit - Pinterest) Who would have thought these two colours are a match made in heaven? A charcoal grey room with pops of lime green is a stunning combination. You can work this trend with pastel greys and greens also for a lighter effect.

The dark side

(credit - Pinterest) This dark grey theme is the perfect environment for sleeping. Its beautiful dark hues will make you feel immediately relaxed and ready for bed. This isn't ideal for people who spend time in their bedrooms for things other than sleeping as the colour scheme will likely make you feel unproductive.

Light & Bright

(credit - Pinterest) White & Grey together produce a light and bright, peaceful bedroom space. This is ideal for a minimalist bedroom - a low bed with some interesting lamps and hardwood floors. Lots of mirrors, light airy curtains, a dove white and feather grey is guaranteed to create a peaceful space, night or day.

The couples compromise

(credit - Pinterest) If you have a shared bedroom, one of you likes a dark theme and the other a light, this is the ideal compromise. A beautiful charcoal grey theme with pops of pink makes the perfect masculine/feminine space. Dark bedding, a dark feature wall with light grey & pink accessories creates a stunning sleeping space - for both of you!

Grey & Wood

(credit - Pinterest) This theme is ideal for the fashion-forward, simplicity lovers. Achieve this theme with a gorgeous wooden bed, wood panelling & an onyx grey. Accessories can be kept simple with a few lamps & rugs or jazz it up a bit with pops of colour through cushions.

Prints & Plants

(credit - Pinterest) This theme is easily achieved and incredibly kind on the bank account. Beautiful feather grey walls with a white bed, worded prints & of course, plants. The plants bring the pop of green that fits so perfectly with grey while the prints break up the walls. Simple, yet interesting. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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