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The three types of tiredness

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When you’re tired and worn out, the only way to restore your energy and inner balance is to get a good night’s sleep. But did you know that there are different types of tiredness? Each type affects the quality of your sleep differently. Here at Mattress Nextday, we know everything there is to know about sleep. That’s why we’ve decided to devote today’s blog to the different types of tiredness and the way they can affect your sleep. 1. Physical tiredness If you’ve spent your day doing physical exercise or manual work, you’ll obviously feel physically tired at the end of it. Physical tiredness may allow you to enjoy a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Because your body needs to rest and recuperate, your mind should become very relaxed in order to facilitate the restorative process. Of course, it isn’t healthy or pleasant to be physically tired at the end of every day. However, making sure you’re physically tired when you go to bed every so often can actually help you get a truly refreshing night’s sleep. 2. Psychological tiredness If you’ve been trying to solve a problem, thinking about an important issue in-depth, or otherwise exercising your brain, you are likely to feel psychologically tired at the end of the day. When you go to sleep, you may experience very vivid dreams. This is the result of your brain processing the extra information and data generated by your intense mental activity. As a result, you might wake up to discover that your subconscious has provided you with a solution to your problem or an entirely new perspective. 3. Emotional tiredness When life turns into an emotional roller coaster, it can leave you feeling drained. This form of emotional tiredness is deeply unpleasant and can even detract from the quality of your sleep. You may find that you become restless during the night if you suffer from emotional tiredness. However, it is important to try and get enough sleep during periods of emotional stress. Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern will help you rebuild your emotional equilibrium over time. Regardless of the type of tiredness you suffer from, you need to sleep well if you want to recover from it. A good mattress can help you get the best night’s sleep possible, so check out our range today.
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