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Dreamt About Squid Game? This is What it Reveals About Your Own Life

Dreamt About Squid Game? This is What it Reveals About Your Own Life

We all know that Squid Game is officially the most successful Netflix show, with more than 111 million viewers watching at least two minutes of the show.

But with the show having such a haunting storyline, this has led to many viewers having horrific nightmares. Especially where they dream that they are participants in Squid Game.

However, after speaking to mystic and dreams expert, Inbaal Honigman, we’ve found that these dreams have a much deeper meaning. They can even give an insight into a person’s subconscious thoughts about their own life.

We’ve, therefore, deciphered the real meaning of the most common Squid Game related nightmares. Before sharing our top tips for preventing a troubled slumber should you decide to watch the show.

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Why do we dream?

Inbaal said, “Dreams are our mind's way of communicating with us. Some dreams are just our brain processing events from the day, recounting them to get used to new facts and ideas, or replaying them, trying to gain further insight. Some dreams are anxieties or hopes playing out. Emotions which we push away in the harsh light of day, but indulge ourselves in at night-time.”

What the most common Squid Game related dreams about your life

Taking into account tweets from the public, we asked Inbaal to share what the most common Squid Game related nightmares reveal about the dreamer’s real life.

What does it mean if you dream about Squid Game but have not seen the show?

According to Inbaal, “The TV Show, Squid Game, has really latched into the public consciousness, becoming an overnight hit. And there are even reports of people dreaming of it, who haven't seen it. But is it as mysterious as it seems, or has the show used such well-honed tropes, that are so natural for the human consciousness?

“I believe it's the latter. The concepts explored in the initial set-up are those of personal choice, of poverty, of anxiety - and children's games. They are all so familiar to our psyche as humans, that we can expect those elements to arise in a good proportion of our dreams every night, whether or not there's a big show on Netflix exploring those elements.”

What does it mean if you dream that you are a participant in Squid Game?

Whilst you may think that dreaming of being in the show is a subconscious thought after recently watching the show, Inbaal suggests that it has a much deeper meaning.

“Having a dream where you attempt to win a game where the odds are largely against you suggests that you are worrying that life has handed you more than you can handle. The pressures of everyday life may be getting a bit too much for you.”

What does it mean if you dream of winning Squid Game?

Inbaal said, “Dreaming of winning a crazy game, that you won't have joined if you had had other options, and where the odds were never in your favour, is such a display of self-belief and positivity, that it is to be envied! Those lucky ones whose subconscious minds bestows this winning gift on them, truly are winners at life.”

What does it mean if you dream of playing tug of war in Squid Game?

Inbaal said, “Two opposite and equal forces, such as tug-of-war, in a dream, represent two opposites fighting for control. Perhaps you are deciding whether to pick a creative or a conservative career. Perhaps you're in two minds whether to stay in your relationship or leave.”

What does it mean if you dream of running for your life in Squid Game?

According to Inbaal, running away is one of the most common dream concepts for people, and they are caused by stress or fear in your personal life.

“A feeling of being chased in your dream suggests that your life is overwhelming you in every interaction, and you just want a change of scenery, as soon as possible.”

What does it mean if you dream of playing hide and seek in Squid Game?

Inbaal states that: “When you have a big decision to make, like the big step of buying a house, starting a family or submitting your resignation, you might dream of being a seeker in a game of hide and seek. If you'd rather not make that big decision, and hope one will be made for you, you would be the hider.”

And finally, what does it mean if you dream of a squid?

Inbaal highlighted that these dreams embody two elements. “First - the many tentacles of the squid could show a desire to control a situation or control someone else. Meddling in others' affairs. Second - the water element. As an underwater creature, the symbolism of water as emotion would portray a squid in a dream as ruled entirely by emotion. Someone who can only make decisions with their heart, not their head.”

Top tips for a good night's sleep after watching Squid Game

If you find that you struggle to sleep after watching Squid Game, try the following five tips:

  1. Watch the behind the scenes or bloopers. Not only will this help you see the real filmmaking process behind the fiction but watching something more calming should help your heart rate lower, making you more susceptible to sleep.
  2. Follow up Squid game with a comedy, as humour is a great way to occupy your mind when you are too scared to sleep. Try picking something you’ve watched already so this will be extra comforting.
  3. Distract yourself with another activity. Try online shopping, read a book, complete or a puzzle or listen to music to help distract yourself.
  4. Tense your toes to reduce tension in your body. Try alternately tensing and relaxing your toes for a count of 10 each time. Sleep experts at the University of Maryland found that this draws attention away from your body, and helps you relax quickly.
  5. Leave a night light or small lamp on to help mitigate any fears and fall asleep more easily. Do, however, make sure to not have too bright of light on though as this can keep you awake for longer.

If you are still struggling to sleep, read up on our guide to perfume scents that can help you fall asleep faster.

Author: Lucy

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