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Three signs you need a memory foam mattress

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As you may already be aware, memory foam mattresses are designed to mould to the shape of your body and retain the impression you make on them as you shift your position. This allows them to provide you with the maximum amount of support. They are just one of the wonderful products we sell here at Mattress Nextday that are designed to help you get a truly great night’s sleep. But how can you tell if you need a memory foam mattress? We’ve come up with three signs that you should consider replacing your existing, ordinary mattress with a memory foam one. 1. Aches and pains Do you wake up in the morning with back pain or aching joints? If so, it may be because your existing mattress isn’t offering you enough support. Sometimes this is simply due to the age of mattress, as most mattresses are only designed to offer support for between eight and ten years. However, if your mattress is relatively new but you still awaken to aches and pain, it’s likely that you need to try a different type of mattress altogether. Because memory foam mattresses offer the best possible support, we suggest you try one of these first. 2. Allergies Do you often have difficulty getting to sleep due to allergies? You might spend the night sneezing or dealing with other symptoms. If so, your mattress may be at fault. Ordinary mattresses can harbour small quantities of dust mites and other allergens that can disrupt your night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses, however, are made from a material which is highly resistant to most allergenic materials and organisms. This means that there are far fewer allergens in a memory foam mattress, so it’s worth investing in one if your allergies prevent you from sleeping. 3. General discomfort Of course, you don’t necessarily need a special or specific reason to invest in a memory foam mattress. If you find ordinary mattresses uncomfortable and have difficulty getting to sleep on them, why not try a memory foam mattress? You’ll probably find it much more comfortable. We sell a huge range of different mattresses here at Mattress Nextday, so we’re confident that we’ve got one that will meet your needs. If you suffer from aches and pains, allergies or general discomfort, the right mattress for you may be a memory foam mattress, so browse our stock today.
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