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Three signs you should replace your mattress

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Here at Mattressnextday, we sell high-quality mattresses that are designed to last for years. Sadly, however, no mattress lasts forever. No matter how dependable a mattress is, you will inevitably need to get rid of it and invest in a new one eventually. But how do you know when a mattress needs to be replaced? There are several signs to look out for that indicate it’s time to buy a new mattress. 1. Sagging If your mattress starts to sag in the middle or on one side, it may be advisable to replace it. Sagging is a sign of age and means the mattress may not be able to give you the support you need while you sleep. Because a sagging mattress can’t adequately support your body, sleeping on one regularly can actively damage your body and cause serious aches. You can extend the life of a sagging mattress by flipping it over and sleeping on the other, firmer side. However, we recommend simply replacing the mattress altogether, just to be safe. 2. Springs If you can feel a mattress’s springs poking you while you try to sleep, it’s definitely time to buy a new one. A mattress’s springs should be shielded by a layer of comfortable material: if you can feel them, it means your mattress is succumbing to wear-and-tear. We strongly advise that you replace it before one of the springs breaks through the surface of the mattress and gives you a nasty surprise. 3. Discomfort Sometimes, a mattress simply becomes uncomfortable to sleep on. If you start to notice that you can no longer find a comfortable position in bed at night, your ageing mattress may be the problem. The best thing to do is to invest in a new mattress before you lose too much sleep. If your mattress is no longer suitable to sleep on, there’s no need to worry. We at Mattressnextday have a huge range of mattresses waiting for you. Giving up a mattress that you’ve slept on for years isn’t a pleasant experience, but we promise that trying out your new mattress for the first time will be!
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