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Tips for better sleep in a small bedroom

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A small bedroom can present a big challenge. As well as having to get creative when filling it with a bed and furniture, you will need to ensure you have lots of storage options so clutter doesn't become a problem. For restful slumber, a bedroom should be well proportioned with its contents tidy and clutter-free. So, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep in a small bedroom, you need to keep it in shipshape order. Small bedrooms can't get away with big beds, so choose a bed and matching size of mattress that are proportionate to the size of the room. There are lots of stylish beds available for small rooms, so lack of size does not mean you have to compromise on comfort and good looks. A bunk bed, for example, is a good choice for a child's room, no matter what its size, especially the single bunk beds that come with useful storage space underneath. A divan bed is also handy for a small bedroom, as it comes with drawer space underneath for adding bedding, sheets and other items you want to store away. Make use of vertical space in a small bedroom for storage. Bookshelves, stacked boxes and tall wardrobes are all ideal choices for making the best use of wall space. If you have got space at the end of the bed, add a set of drawers or storage containers, as this area is usually left unused. A small bedroom can quickly get cluttered, so only keep the necessary items in the room. Essentially, this should be the bed, wardrobe and some drawers. Take out items of furniture, such as chairs, if they don't get used. A small bedroom can feel claustrophobic, which can make it a less relaxing place to be, but you can make a difference to the perception of space in a room by the colours you choose. For small rooms, opt for very light colours for the d├ęcor, bedding, flooring and furnishings. Avoid bold, dark tones as this makes a room feel much smaller than it actually is.
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