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Tips on choosing a mattress for arthritis sufferers

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Arthritis is a very common condition, and as people get older, the risk of getting aching joints increases, with nearly half of all people over the age of 80 experiencing some symptoms of osteoarthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, sleeping well without pain will be a top priority, and this often starts by making sure you have the right type of mattress to support your body. Even just making the bed or changing sheets can be challenging for arthritis sufferers, so opt for a lightweight mattress or a mattress topper to make it easier to tuck sheets under the mattress, without putting too much pressure on aching joints. Make sure your mattress supports your body and cushions it, without irritating arthritic pressure points. It needs to be firm enough to support the spine when it is neutrally aligned, but able to cushion bones and joints, especially when you change position during the night. If your mattress sags or you can feel its springs, this may worsen joint pain and swelling, so consider getting a new mattress, particularly if it is over 10 years old. There are lots of different types of mattresses, and if you suffer from arthritis, the best option is to choose one that feels right for your needs. For some people, a memory foam mattress may provide the comfort and support they require, whilst others may favour a coil, air or latex mattress. Avoid buying a waterbed or futon, as these will not give you the vital back and joint support you need. Whichever type of mattress you choose, look for one that is not too soft or too hard. If you are undecided, go for one that is on the firmer side, as you can always add padding on top of it to make it softer. Speak to a reputable mattress supplier about your specific requirements, and if possible, try out different types of mattresses before you buy. Place your mattress at the appropriate height, so that you can get out of bed easily, without having to bend your knees excessively or jump down from the bed.
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