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Tips on Getting the Best Sleep Wear for your Baby

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Just like you, an adult, your baby needs to have a great pair of sleep wear to help him get through the night – even the day. But because he is at risk of suffering from a variety of problems, such as the dreaded Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, you need to make sure that he wears the best sleep wear possible. Here are some guidelines that can help you pick the perfect slumber clothes for your little bundle of joy:

1) Avoid Over-Sized Sleeping Clothes

While it might sound practical to purchase sleep wear that your child can grow in, it is not recommended by experts. Loose clothes – or those that create much air and space between the fabric and your child – put your kid at risk of suffocation. Loose items also tend to catch fire easily. So instead of choosing baggy clothes, select apparel that fits your baby snugly – but not too tight!

2) Say No to Ribbons, Ties and other Choking Hazards

While ribbons, strings, ties and other designs might look nice, avoid such clothes that contain these embellishments. These cords are known choking hazards, and your baby might accidentally gag on any of these items during his sleep time.

3) Pick Clothes Made from Natural Fibers

Yes, clothes made with fleece look enticing, especially during the winter season. However, it is best if you opted for clothes made of natural fiber such as bamboo, cotton or wool. Not only are apparel made from such fabrics very comfortable, they are temperature-regulating as well. That means they can keep your baby warm during winter and cool during summer.

4) Choose Clothes with Hand Covers

If ever you decide to pick baby overalls, make sure to choose styles that feature hand covers. Not only will this eliminate the need for you to put mittens often, this feature will keep your baby’s face safe from inadvertent scratching.

5) Don’t Go Overboard with the Layering

Let us say it is very cool lately. While layering him with lots of clothes might make you think that he will get the warmth he needs, too many clothes might cause overheating – one of the many factors that can lead to the development of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. According to pediatric experts, add one layer to a clothing set that you are comfortable with. So if you are good with just one layer of sleep wear, then make sure to dress your kid in two layers of snug clothes before tucking him in his bed.

6) Avoid Blankets

As an adult, your first choice for warmth during the cold weather is a blanket. But when it comes to your baby’s sake, blankets and other covers are big no-nos. If it is nippy outside, dress your child in additional layers, add a head cap and booties as well. These can prevent the escape of heat from your kid’s head and feet. Sleep is essential for your little angel. But since you cannot monitor him for most of the time, you need to make sure of his safety by following the aforementioned tips on getting the safest sleep wear for his nightly slumbers.
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