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Tips on How to Sleep Well – Even if You Are Miles Away from Home

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  If you live a seemingly nomadic life, then you know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep – especially if you are away from home. The lack of the familiar environment – your bed, lampshade, even your sleeping companion – usually makes the journey to dreamland awfully difficult. Although this is the case, you can nap peacefully while you are a million miles away from home. Below are some tips that can help you snooze like a baby – even in a foreign land.  

1) Start with the Reservations

The path to peaceful sleep starts with your hotel reservations. When booking for a room, ask for one that is away from the elevators. For the ultimate tranquility, get a suite at the upper floors. Take one located in the middle of the hallway, as this is usually far away from vending machines, housekeeping closets, laundry facilities and exits.If possible, get a room located on the concierge/suite floor. More often than not, these rooms have higher ceilings, providing you with that much-needed space from the people living on top of your floor. If you plan on staying in a low-rise hotel, reserve a room at the backside of the premises. If this is not possible, take a room two to three floors above bars and banquet rooms. These suites are said to be quieter and peaceful than other suites. While poolside rooms provide excellent views, they are not conducive for a good night’s sleep. It usually plays host to rowdy, late-night gatherings. Even if the perimeter is closed off early, know that noise echoes off water!  

2) Inquire about Renovations

If your hotel has recently undergone a renovation, ask if you can take a room in the recently-renovated level. Rooms here are usually cleaner, and they often come with new beds, pillows and linens. Do remember to avoid a level where construction is ongoing, as you might be roused up by the hitting of the hammer, or the torque of a power drill.  

3)Ask About the Pillows

Even if you plan on staying in a low-budget motel, it would not hurt to ask if there are several pillow options available. Most often than not, sleep-disturbing neck and back pains usually result from an unsuitable pillow. Ask the concierge if they offer pillows of different firmness. In case they do not have a selection of great pillows, remember to bring your trusty old pillow to your trip.

4) Packing Matters

If you find it hard to sleep on a bed other than yours, then make sure to pack the items that can help you get a great slumber. Things to include are:  
  • Earplugs. While uncomfortable, these earplugs can shield your ears from train sounds and party songs that penetrate the hotel walls.
  • Eyeshades. If you are unlucky enough to stay in a hotel without blackout curtains, eyeshades can protect your eyes from the glimmering light outside.
  • Sheets. If your luggage has some spare space, make sure to pack in your own sheets. Since you are familiar with the feel and the scent, chances are you will be able to sleep easily – even if it is not your own bed.
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