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Turn to Dorlux Beds to Fit Your Mattress to Your Body

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Dorlux Beds offers the perfect solution for people with every type of body. Weight and body frame are subjects that few of the so-called ?Sleep Experts? seem to discuss, yet they can be vitally important when choosing the right mattress. The truth is that your size, weight and body type do have an effect on the type of mattress you should choose ? just as much an effect as whether you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach. It makes logical sense, if you think about it. The more weight you put on a mattress, the more wear you put on its internal parts. Cheap mattresses will show the wear faster in the form of sagging springs and memory foam that doesn?t return to its original shape. In addition, when you lie down, there is more weight pressing you down against the mattress surface. This can result in soreness and bruising on the joints that take the most weight ? your shoulders and hips. Dorlux Beds combats this problem in two ways. First, their beds are made with a specially engineered type of spring called the Flexiform spring. It is uniquely designed to compress and relax when your body moves against it. But there?s more to it than just the design of the spring ? there?s the number of springs in each mattress. The more springs per square inch of mattress surface, the more responsive the mattress is to your body shape and weight. Dorlux beds have two to three times the number of springs in each mattress than most conventional mattresses. That means a more durable, more comfortable mattress. In addition, Dorlux Beds also makes luxury sleep mattresses that are padded with toppers of high density temperature sensitive Visco-elastic memory foam, which adapts and shapes itself to your body. When you combine the high density springs for support and the memory foam for comfort, you have a mattress that will give you sleep comfort for years to come. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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