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Two yoga poses to help you sleep better

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While strength and flexibility are important aspects of yoga, there are some postures that focus more on relaxing the body and mind. These restorative poses can really help to get you in the right frame of mind for a relaxing night’s sleep, and the best thing is they can be done in bed just before you drift off.

It’s important not to rush through the yoga poses below. The aim is to relax, don’t forget! Make sure you’re comfortable at every step of the way. Try not to let your mind drift off and think about the events of the day or any worries you may have.

The most important aspect of this gentle yoga is to focus on breathing deeply and slowly. You’ll feel instantly more relaxed even if you just lie flat on your back in bed with your eyes closed and take ten deep, slow breaths.

Try these two yoga poses and see what difference they make.

Child’s pose

Kneel on your mattress, either with your knees together or with a gap between them. Fold forward so your forehead moves towards the bed. If your forehead doesn’t come all the way down, rest it on your hands or a pillow for support. Stretch your arms out or let them rest next to you, however you are most comfortable. Make sure your body is completely relaxed and that there is no tension anywhere. Stay here for ten full breaths.

Legs up the wall

Your bed needs to be next to a wall for this to work, otherwise you may need to get out of bed and lie on the floor by a wall. Lie flat on your back and lift your legs so they are against the wall. They don’t need to be flat against it - the important thing is that they are elevated. Continue to breathe deeply and stay in this position for at least a minute. When you’ve finished with this pose, it’s an ideal time to roll under the covers and drift off to sleep.

So, next time you feel wide awake when you’re getting ready for bed, try a little gentle yoga and feel yourself relax.

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