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Ultimate Comfort with a Healthopaedic Bed

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Comfort while you sleep can lead to a better quality of sleep, which in turn, can lead to a decrease in health problems and an increase in productivity during the day when you are awake. One of the best ways to be more comfortable as you sleep is to purchase a bed with a memory foam mattress. Healthopaedic beds, which use this material, are the ultimate in comfort when it comes to sleep. What makes Healthopaedic beds so comfortable? Material that Molds to your Body With a memory foam mattress, you?ll feel instance weightless as you lay down because of the unique malleable properties of this material. Originally developed for NASA, this foam molds to your body, creating perfect support. With a traditional spring mattress, you don?t get this kind of molding support, so as you sleep, pressure is exerted at points on your body. The best neck and back support available is with a Healthopaedic bed, and that means less pain and more restful sleep. Heat Sensitive Material When you sleep on memory foam mattresses, the unique material responds to your body heat. The foam molds around your body as it warms, gently creating the person sleeping environment as you fall asleep. Studies show that the average person tosses and turns 85 to 95 times a night with a traditional mattress, but that drops to just 15 times a night, on average, with a Healthopaedic bed. Non-Irritating Material Healthopaedic mattresses are made with a breathable, non-irritating material for maximum comfort. No matter how sensitive your skin, this bed will be gentle, and promotes moving moisture away from your skin as you sleep, which keeps you comfortable. Healthopaedic beds make it possible to finally get a good night?s sleep. Although you may deal with sleeping problems, such as insomnia, now, with a new mattress you can sleep more comfortable starting tonight. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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