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Want more success? Get more sleep…

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If you want to be more successful in life then you should take a leaf out of the book of proven winners and get more sleep, according to a recent study. Sleep deprivation is known to damage our performance at work and the generally recommended figure is eight hours of sleep a night to ensure we wake up fresh and ready for the day ahead. Of course in the real world eight hours is a rare treat, but if you get too little sleep then you could be seriously selling yourself short. The recent study confirmed what we already know to be true by analysing the sleep patterns of captains of industry and political leaders. Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos follow in the footsteps of American pioneer Benjamin Franklin and sleep seven hours a day. Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, Barack Obama and modern day Tony Stark Elon Musk all sleep six hours a day, while icons Thomas Edison and Sir Winston Churchill both changed the world on just five hours of sleep a night. So while eight hours of sleep a night isn’t essential and greats have survived on less, most successful people generally enjoy seven or eight hours. Another study has shown that workers in the UK lose up to nine days of work a year due to poor sleeping patterns and those that consistently get less than the recommended amount of sleep can lose 14.6 days a year. This research, carried out by sleep app Sleepio, found that poor sleep caused 46% of people to lose concentration, 38% could not complete basic tasks at work while suffering from sleep deprivation and 27% even struggled to stay awake during the working day. The same respondents said that their mood was seriously affected by their lack of sleep, which affected their relationships and even their physical health. 20% even admitted to falling asleep while driving in the past year, which could obviously prove fatal. If you want to follow in the footsteps of greatness, or you just want to avoid falling asleep in your car, the simple answer is to get a good night’s sleep. Get a good mattress and give yourself the best possible start.
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