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Weird Things that Happen When You Sleep

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  Sleep is such a peaceful activity that leaves you refreshed and invigorated in the morning. But did you know that in order to bring you to tomorrow’s wakefulness, your body undergoes a variety of processes? Here are the peculiar things that take place every time you board the shuttle to dreamland.  

1) You lose weight.

Yes, sleep is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. When you snooze, you lose water weight because of the exhalation of humid air and constant perspiration. Because of these events, it is better to step on the scale the first thing in the morning.  

2) You get taller.

While you might not end up as tall as Yao Ming, you gain a few centimeters everytime you go to sleep. Because the weight of the body is not pressing down on your spinal discs, the cushions in between these bones get bigger and more rehydrated. For maximum growth during sleep, assume the side-lying position, as it reduces the burden on your back.  

3) Your muscles are paralysed – temporarily.

While this thought might freak you out, you need to know that muscle paralysis only occurs temporarily. This prevents you from acting out your dreams, especially the most perilous ones like jumping from the balcony or setting the house on fire.  

4) You might experience bodily spasms.

Once you fall asleep, do not be surprised if you experience full-body jerks. This is relatively normal, and occurs in about 70% of the population. This occurrence is known as ‘hypnic jerk,’ and it is characterized by abruptly-contracting muscles. Some experts point this spasm to irregular sleep schedules and personal anxieties, but most believe that such paroxysms are totally unavoidable.  

5) You get sexually aroused.

While men obviously get erections during REM sleep, women experience the same thing too! Individuals are easily aroused during slumber because of the brain’s need for additional oxygen. As a result, more blood is supplied to the different parts of the body – resulting in clitoral and penile enlargement for females and males respectively.  

6) You easily pass gas.

If you are still awake in the middle of the night, then you might notice some unpleasant smells lingering in your bedroom. Don’t poke fun at your partner because she does not mean this – especially if she is in the middle of her REM sleep. During this stage, the anal sphincter slightly loosens – leading in more frequencies of flatulence. Even if your partner passes gas during her sleep, you will be glad to know that you will barely notice it, especially if you are fast asleep as well. That’s because during slumber, the sense of smell is decreased. This is the main reason why fire alarms were invented, because you probably would not be able to smell smoke while you are in the middle of deep sleep. Your body is a mysterious thing that undergoes many weird phases during sleep. So do not be surprised if your partner tells you that you have passed gas during your sleep. It is just one of the many usual processes that happen during deep slumber.
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