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What does your sleeping position reveal about your relationship?

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We all have our favourite sleeping position with our partner, but did you know it's most common for couples to sleep back to back on opposite sides of the bed? 27% of all couples sleep in this position, but far from meaning you can't stand each other, it actually means you're secure enough in your relationship to be able to give each other some space. Here are some other common sleeping positions - which one sounds most familiar to you? The spoon There are several variations of this position including the loose spoon (where some space separates your bodies) and the illegal spoon (where one partner pursues the other to the edge of the bed to spoon). This one is all about protection and about telling your partner you've got them covered. The lover's knot This is the way you tend to sleep together at the beginning of your relationship because it's hugely intimate, though some couples continue to sleep like this as long as they're together, which just goes to show romance isn't dead. However, it can also be a sign you're too dependent on each other to sleep apart. The untangled knot, where you unravel after a few minutes, actually shows you have a stronger and healthier relationship, according to sleep psychologists. The cheek to cheek Do you sleep with your backs to each other, with just your bums touching? Then you're probably a new couple who are relaxed and comfortable in each other's company. The nuzzle If you sleep with your head on your partner's chest, then you're newly in love or have recently rekindled the flame. This is a very nurturing, protective position that shows a high level of trust between you. The starfish Does either of you sprawl like a space hog while the other clings on to the edge of the mattress for dear life? Then your subconscious is saying that you are the dominant partner in this relationship. The tête-à-tête If you sleep face to face or with your heads touching then you have intimacy and a close connection. You're equal partners in life and in bed!
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