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What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Posted on 9th Nov 2018 2 mins to read
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Contrary to popular belief, memory foam mattresses aren't entirely made of foam. So, what is a memory foam mattress made of? Structured with a support layer of springs and comfort layer of foam. The foam uses body heat to memorise the body shape and provide totally custom support. Hence the name, memory foam.

What are the benefits of memory foam?

  • Pressure point relief

Memory foam mattresses distribute body weight evenly. This reduces stress on the bodies pressure points and promotes healthy blood flow.

  • Ideal for couples

Because the foam only reacts to the pressure applied to it, it reduces the transfer of movement. Making it a great choice for couples and preventing that 'roll together' feeling.

  • Dust mite resistant

Memory foam consists of a visco-elastic structure which is completely resistant to dust mites. Making it an ideal choice for those that suffer from allergies.

  • Optimal support

Memory foam contours to the body shape, providing optimal support for everyone. It adapts perfectly to any sleeping position providing a comfortable nights sleep for everyone.

Does memory foam get warm?

Over the years, memory foam technology has advanced rapidly. Memory foam now features temperature regulating technology. So although memory foam does use heat from the body to create contours, it does release heat providing a comfortable sleep environment.

How often do memory foam mattresses need replacing?

As a general rule of thumb, The Sleep Council recommend replacing a mattress every 7 years. It ultimately comes down to the quality of the mattress and the care taken to preserve it. Although dust mites cannot penetrate the surface of a memory foam mattress, they can build up on the surface over time. So for hygiene reasons, look to replace every 7 years.

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