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What is an Adjustable Bed?

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Adjustable beds are a great option for the older or less mobile customer. But what is an adjustable bed? The first thing that comes to mind is a hospital bed. However adjustable beds have come a long way and accommodate for a larger market. Adjustable beds allow you to customise your sleeping experience, making for a much more comfortable nights sleep.

What is an adjustable bed

Why should I try an Adjustable Bed?

Although adjustable beds are generally targeted towards the older and less mobile customer, they are growing in popularity for all ages. The benefits of being able to adjust your sleeping position help with lots of issues. They're extremely popular for surgery recovery, digestion issues, snoring, injuries and back problems.

They're also a fantastic choice for couples with different sleep needs as each side of the bed has separate controls. So you can adjust your side without disturbing your partner. Adjustable beds are also popular for those that spend a lot of time on their feet. Particular people that work on their feet. This is because the bed is able to raise the feet and reduce swelling. Which, over time can reduce overall stress and injury to the feet.

Are Adjustable Beds Loud?

Adjustable beds have got a lot quieter with new innovative designs. They are totally silent when stationary and only make a small mechanical noise when being adjusted.

Are Adjustable Beds Bulky?

When thinking of an adjustable bed most of us automatically imagine a metal framed, bulky hospital bed. This is not the case with adjustable beds. Many are available in stylish, sleek designs and are not obviously an adjustable bed. The size and thickness of the mattress up to personal preference. Always make sure to check your mattress is compatible with an adjustable frame before purchasing.

Are Adjustable Beds Expensive?

Adjustable beds can be very affordable. Check out our full range for updated prices, here. Since adjustable beds are only available in single or small size, to achieve a double bed you will need to purchase two. For any advice when choosing an adjustable bed, feel free to contact one of our sleep experts.

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