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What is an Ottoman Bed?

Posted on 15th Nov 2018 2 mins to read
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Ottoman beds are the perfect solution for a crowded room. With easy to access storage space that is completely hidden, it's a stylish option to create more space. Ottoman beds offer better storage solutions than a bed with drawers since you can make full use of the entire under bed storage. The mattress lifts up either from the foot end or the side of the mattress revealing the hidden storage. Since the bed operates on gas-lift hydraulics, it's extremely simple to lift for all abilities. What is an Ottoman Bed?

What's the difference between an Ottoman Bed and a Divan Bed?

The key difference between the two is that an ottoman mattress generally only includes the bed frame. Whereas a divan bed includes both the frame and the mattress, making them a more affordable option. Ottoman beds require less space since the storage is accessed from above, whereas a divan bed the storage is often drawers that need to be pulled out. Both are great choices, it ultimately comes down to personal requirements.

What size Ottoman Beds are available?

Our ottoman beds are available in all sizes. From single to kingsize, there's a bed size to suit you. We also offer a range of mattresses to suit your new purchase, from soft to orthopaedic firm. It's important to compare mattress measurements to your new bed measurements to be certain they will match up.

What storage options are available?

Ottoman beds are available with either side opening or foot-end opening. A side opening is better if you have limited space and can only access the bed from one side. The lift speed is controlled ensuring it's not going to pop up unexpectedly. Using a hydraulic gas-lift also ensures that once it's up, it's going to stay up. So you don't need to worry about it slamming down before you're ready. A foot-end opening ottoman bed is a great option for rooms where you can access both sides of the bed but still want conserve space. Shop our full range of Ottoman Beds, here.
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