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What Is the Simmons Zone System?

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Simmons Bedding Company, famous for its mattresses and bedding products, offers two special lines of BackCare mattresses, one for adults and one for children. Both include several ranges of mattresses that utilize the Simmons Zone System to offer both superior sleeping comfort and outstanding back support. What precisely is the Zone System? Each Simmons BackCare mattress is designed with five zones designed to provide your body with both the support and the comfort it needs to sleep well. Zone 1 - Foot Comfort Zone Starting at the foot of the bed, Zone 1 is a comfort zone made of layers of foam designed to support and cradle your feet and lower legs. The foam conforms to the curves and dips of your natural leg contours, ensuring that your feet and calves are comfortably supported. Zone 2 - Leg Support Zone Zone 2 provides the additional support your upper thighs need during the night to keep them in the same alignment they're in when you stand. Without that support, the muscles of your lower back and thighs will be working all night long to maintain proper alignment and reduce strain on your spine. Zone 3 - Hip Comfort Zone Your hips need special pampering. Anyone who suffers from back pain will tell you that they also often suffer from pain in their hip joints. The special foam comfort zone in the hip region reduces pressure on the hip region, giving you a more comfortable night's sleep. Zone 4 - Lumbar Support Zone The mattress below the curve of your spine is the part of your body that needs extra filling and support while you sleep. Without that extra support, your body will be fighting its natural tendency to "sag", and you'll wake up with sore and aching lower back muscles. Zone 5 - Head Comfort Zone The final comfort zone cradles your head and shoulders, conforming to their dips and curves to reduce pressure and discomfort. The Zone System ensures that Simmons BackCare mattresses provide the support and the comfort that your back needs to get through the night without complaining to you all the next day.
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