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What Mattress Firmness is Right for Me?

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There are few things greater in life than a good night's sleep. It all starts with a good mattress. Choosing the right firmness is the biggest decision you'll make when purchasing a new mattress. With options from soft, all the way up to orthopaedic firm available, deciding what's right for you can be a little confusing. Using our handy guide will help you find your perfect mattress, whatever your needs may be. So, What Mattress Firmness is Right for Me?

Soft (1)

Although soft sounds like it will be the comfiest option. It can damage your back if it's not suited to your needs. Soft mattresses are great for those that are lighter in weight and build. They can also be a great option for those that prefer to sleep on their side.

Soft to Medium (2)

Soft to medium mattresses can be great for those that want a softer feel but some extra support where it's needed. With around 1-3 inches of sinkage, they are an ideal option for side sleepers and back sleepers that prefer a sinking feeling.

Medium (3)

Medium firmness is considered to be the universal mattress. A good option for everyone depending on their comfort preferences. If you're on the lighter side but prefer a firmer feel, or on the heavier side but prefer a softer feel, mediums are an all-around great choice.

Medium to Firm (4)

A medium to firm mattress is a common compromise between couples that can't decide between the two. This is because it can suit a variety of weights and sleeping preferences while providing good support for everyone. A medium to firm surface is particularly suited to those that prefer to sleep on their back.

Firm (5)

Firm mattresses are particularly suited to those with a larger frame or potential back problems. A lot of these types of mattress may be considered orthopaedic and are not very suitable for those of slighter build. Firm mattresses are also great for those that prefer to sleep on their front, the hardest position to get correct support.

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