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What Mattress Size Do I Need

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Choosing a mattress size is the first, and most important decision you will make when purchasing a new mattress. There are lots of things to factor in and we've created this handy guide to make the process simple. This guide will give you the lowdown of all the mattress sizes available and some handy tips to factor in when making your decision.

Who is the mattress for?

The first thing you need to think about is who the mattress is for and what are their needs. If you're buying for a child, you'll need to think about what their sleep needs are. If they're a young child, a single mattress will be perfect. An older child, however, might be better suited to a small double mattress depending on their spatial preferences. Mattresses aren't a one-size-fits-all purchase and need to be tailored depending on the person. Adults may require a double mattress, king size, or super king depending on their height, weight, comfort preferences or whether they sleep with a partner.


Contrary to popular belief, a double mattress isn't always the obvious choice for a couple. Did you know that a single mattress measures 3 ft in width, and when sharing a double bed, you actually have 2 ft 3 inches of space per person? That's the same width as a babies cot! Not ideal if you like an undisturbed nights sleep. As a rule of thumb, The Sleep Council recommend being able to lay side by side with your arms behind your head. If you and your partner's elbows are touching, you need to upgrade your mattress size. At MattressNextDay, we believe everyone should have the mattress of their dreams. Which is why our king size range is as fairly priced as our double mattress range!

Your Height

Mattresses vary as much in height as much as they do in width. So when picking your next mattress, it's important to know the different dimensions. A standard double mattress is 6 ft 3 inches in length, so if you're 6 ft and above, a king size mattress is much better suited. Measuring at 6 ft 6 inches, it allows a little more wiggle room if you are on the taller side. If you find yourself needing a longer length, talk to one of our sleep experts to discuss custom sizes. Similarly, if you find yourself feeling swamped in bed, feel free to get in touch to discuss custom shorter lengths.

How Much Space You Have

When choosing a mattress it's important to remember both the size of your room and the size of your bed frame. In general, if you have a double bed frame, a double mattress should fit perfectly but it's always good to measure just in case as bed frame sizes can vary. If you're space conscious, a great way to minimize bed size whilst maximizing mattress size is a divan bed. Since they have no frame, it can make a huge difference to the amount of space the bed takes up.

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