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What Natural Fillings Are In Mattresses?

Posted on 10th Jan 2019 2 mins to read
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Most mattresses contain an element of natural fillings. Some mattresses are almost entirely natural materials and are a great choice for many sleepers. But what natural fillings are in mattresses? And why are they used?

Commonly used natural fillings

  1. Wool - Generally found in the comfort layer.
  2. Silk - Commonly used for luxury mattresses.
  3. Cotton - Usually used for the cover and comfort layer.
  4. Cashmere - Generally found as a wool replacement in luxury mattresses.
  5. Latex - Used for adaptive comfort in latex mattresses.
  6. Bamboo - Generally used combined with other materials to absorb moisture.
  7. Mohair - Commonly used to help shape the mattress.

The fillings used often depend on the cost of the mattress. They also vary depending on where they are used in the mattress. A common place to find natural fillings such as wool is the comfort layer.

The Benefits of Natural Fillings

Natural mattresses are great at regulating temperature. A lot of synthetic materials do not have the ability to release or retain heat. This means they can be quite hot or cold depending on the material. Whereas natural materials are more breathable and co-operate with your body temperature.

Going natural is also better for the environment. Many synthetic materials are not recyclable and can be difficult to source. Natural materials also tend to last better over time. Since they are a natural product, it takes longer for the material compounds to break down. So although they can be slightly more expensive. They are long lasting and can work out cheaper in the long run.


Natural fillings are naturally hypo-allergenic making them kinder on your body. Hypo-allergenic synthetic mattresses can be sprayed with harsh chemicals to keep dust mites are bay. Natural mattresses are a great option for allergy sufferers that want to reduce the chemicals in their life. Helping you achieve an undisturbed nights sleep.

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