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What Really Makes a Mattress Better

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Consider HealthBeds if you want a better night’s sleep. For more than a century, beds and mattresses provided by this company have been changing people’s lives and allowing for a healthier night’s sleep. The combination of dedicated customer service, high quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship are second to none, which is why such mattresses are truly better than others. The traditional and memory foam mattresses offered by the Smeaton family will truly make all the difference. But what really makes a mattress better? The Coil Count The coil count of a mattress is not one of the features that make one bed better than another in most cases. You should avoid mattresses with a coil count less than 360, but beyond that, it doesn’t make a difference. Just remember, memory foam mattresses don’t have coils. What will make the difference is the coil structure. The Coil Structure The coil structure also won’t make one mattress better over another. Though there are different structures and turns (the number of times the coil twists), they just basically affect the firmness or softness of the bed. You can feel this when you lie down. Ticking, Color, and Luxury Material The ticking, color, and luxury materials used to make mattresses should not affect your decision either. The ticking is just basically the thread pattern covering the mattress and will not affect the way the mattress performs. Luxury materials are not the same as high quality materials. When a mattress claims to be made of silk and cashmere, there is usually very little of each in the actual construction. Plus, you cover this with bedding. (This is the same reason why the color of the mattress should not affect your decision.) The Secret What should matter when comparing mattresses is how the bed feels to you. Are you comfortable when you lie down? Does it have enough room for both you and your sleep partner to stretch out and move around? Will it fit in your room? Does it have a warranty? These are questions to ask yourself when shopping for mattresses – even memory foam mattresses. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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