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What Types Of Storage Beds Are Available?

Posted on 26th Sep 2018 2 mins to read
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Storage beds are the perfect solution for making the most out of a small bedroom. Since storage beds use floor space that would already be taken, they are maximising the use of otherwise wasted space. Making them perfect for storing items that often don't have a specific space to be in, like bedding, extra pillows or even Christmas decorations! So what types of storage beds are available?

The most popular type of storage beds are:

What is a divan bed?

Divan beds are a streamline bed design that do not require an exterior frame.
The mattress sits directly on top of the perfectly sized base, minimising wasted space caused by having a bulky bed frame. Divan beds are available with under the bed drawers in the base which is perfect for extra storage. This type of frame maximises existing space whilst providing extra storage solutions.
Making divan beds ideal for small, minimalistic rooms.

What is an ottoman bed?

In an ottoman bed frame, the storage is completely hidden. Making them a great option for those that need some extra storage but prefer a more stylish look. The storage in an ottoman bed is located under the mattress. And since it's powered by a gas-lift hydraulics system, it's incredibly easy to lift and safely store away your items. Ottoman beds are the perfect modernistic yet practical bed.


What is a cabin bed?

Cabin beds are a great solution for keeping children's bedrooms tidy and compact. A cabin bed is generally comprised of a single bunk bed featuring under the bed storage and often a desk for homework. Taking up minimal floor space, they provide an excellent solution for keeping your child's room organised, no matter the size of the room.


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