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What You Need to Pack for a Long Plane Ride

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  Ticket? Check. Passport? Check. Baggage? Check. While you might think of these as must-haves before taking off, you also need to pack several gears that can help you doze off (or take a nap, at the very least) on board the plane. Given that you might not have that peaceful, bed-based sleep that you seem to create nightly, these things can help you get some sleep for that 16-hour nonstop plane ride to the other side of the world.

Noise-canceling Headphones

If you have one for recreational purposes, then make sure to bring it along in your hand carry bag. This product will work wonders for your sleepy soul, as it filters out the usual racket in the plane – think bawling kids and snoring seatmates. Not only will this help you set the stage for dreamland, noise-canceling headphones can help eliminate the subsonic roar of the jet plane that messes with your autonomic system. When you land, the dissipation of the subsonic jet sounds disrupts the adrenaline rush in your system. The result? Jet lag. So if you are looking for a catnap while on board the plane – as well as the easing of your well-anticipated jet lag - nothing beats your noise-canceling headphones.

Neck Pillow

Unless you are lodged in the first class cabin, a neck pillow is one of the best instruments you can ever have in your flight. Since the most probable position you can assume during the flight is an upright one, it is safe to say that you can only sleep in this position. And if you are traveling alone, it will be mighty embarrassing if you keep on banging your head to your next-door neighbor. To prevent this untoward event, pack on a neck pillow so you can get to sleep without the usual fuss.

Eye Masks

You might be traveling to a destination where your sleep time is day time. The eternal sunshine associated with this flight might be too much for you to take, especially if you want to get some shut-eye. Treat your senses to the dusk it deserves by packing an eye mask or two in your bag. While some flights provide this, it pays to be prepared in case the attendant runs out of complimentary eye masks.

Blanket or Shawl

Again, this is a complimentary item in most planes – but it usually comes in a first come, first served basis. Anticipate the lack of this warming device by bringing your own blanket – or at least a shawl, if your blanket is too bulky for your hand carry bag. Some aircrafts have very cold air-conditioning systems. While you might turn yours off, you might be seated to a person who’s oblivious to the nippiness. Whatever the situation might be, you are better off with your own blanket/shawl. Sleeping on board a long-haul flight is truly a pain in the butt literally. So if you want to be able to take a few hours’ rest as you scale across time zones, then make sure to have these items on board. Have a safe and sleep-conducive flight!
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