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What You Should Not Do in Your Bedroom

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Formerly a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation, the modern bedroom has now become one of the most complicated places in every household. Most rooms nowadays are being transformed into entertainment centers and work hubs, contradicting the primary purpose of the bedroom, which is supposed to be a peaceful place of sleep. If you want to restore the true relevance of your bedroom, then here are the things you should NOT do inside it.  

1) Install a huge telly set.

HD televisions that measure 52 inches are truly attractive, but did you know that it can be a boon for your sleep? The crystal clear, high-def images are fabulous sights to behold, but the vividness of the shows can get in the way of your sleeping. If you cannot give up your TV set, there are measures that can help you sleep despite the monstrosity of a tube right in front of you. For one, watch soothing programs if you want to drift to sleep. Do not turn the TV on just to have "background noise." After all, studies show that "mindless television" gets in the way of the brain’s planning and organizing systems, especially in children.  

2) Work.

There are times when you cannot avoid bringing your work home, but keep in mind to leave your portfolios and documents in the office, if possible. Tinkering with these papers before hitting the sack can affect your sleepiness. In fact, it can make you anxious – simply by seeing the mountains of documents placed beside your nightlight. If you want to have a peaceful sleep, keep your bedroom a restricted zone for work-related affairs.  

3) Hang around and do nothing.

While the bedroom is the best place to take a rest, do not stay here just because you do not have anything to do. Loitering inside your bedroom forces your brain to associate you room with activities other than sleeping. If you are not sleepy, get out of your room and do other worthwhile activities.  

4) Transform it into a friend reception area.

Maybe your apartment is small, but this should not prod you to transform your bedroom into a friendly reception area. Apart from violating the privacy of your sleeping den, the presence of friends creates a weird association in the brain. Everytime you see your bed, you immediately think of chatting with friends instead of hitting the sack.  

5) Turn it into a storage room.

Additional clutter in your bedroom can distract you from the lovely activity of sleeping. While your shelves and nightstands should bear decorative pieces such as picture frames and books, avoid storing other items in your room such as your skateboard or Xbox 3. Seeing these in your bedroom might tempt you to do anything aside from sleep. Your bedroom is your private space. As such, you must do everything to maintain its significance. Get to sleep (or have some) in your bedroom – just as you have intended to – by NOT doing the aforementioned activities inside your personal den.
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