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What's keeping you up at night?

The sun goes down, the street lights begin to glow... and something goes bump in the night! You're lying there, wide awake, tossing and turning - and nothing is helping you sleep. Yet a good night's kip is crucial for our health and happiness.

So what's keeping you up?


In our busy, fast-paced lives, stress is becoming an increasing problem. It just isn't so easy anymore to switch off. Your heart is pounding, mind is racing and adrenaline is pumping. The key is to start to help your mind unwind and turn itself off for the day. Give yourself the chance to become de-stressed before you get into bed.

Spraying relaxing natural sleep sprays around your bedroom can help change the ambiance and mood, as can taking a soothing bath right before bed. Keep the lights dimmed down. Instead of clock-watching and thinking about the sleep you're not getting, turn your mind to meditation. There are plenty of apps you can download, including the hugely popular "Headspace" app, that will help you to take ten on your day and focus on something else.

You may also find that exercising more during the week helps; fresh air, movement and burning off any excess adrenaline... you'll soon be snoozing. Yoga or pilates are both great for stress management.

Digital overload

We spend our days surrounded by technology: TVs, iPads, mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets, computers, laptops. The bright lights from their LED screens keep us alert and awake, especially if we're looking at them right before bed. It's time to turn them off.

If you're in the habit of checking your phone or tablet right before bed or first thing in the morning, leave the devices outside your bedroom door rather than putting them on your nightstand. They're less accessible that way - but can still be charged and ready to take with you when leaving.

Make a pact to stop looking at your devices an hour before bed, to help your mind switch off. Additionally, set your phone to night mode and change the settings so it doesn't vibrate during the night and keep you awake.

Uncomfortable mattress

According to research by The Sleep Council, those who found their old bed uncomfortable slept for almost one hour less than those who found their old bed okay. Indeed, within ten years a bed may have deteriorated from its 'as new' state by as much as 70%. You need to invest in ensuring your bed is working with you, not against you. If your mattress is keeping you awake or causing you pain, it may be time to change it.

Too much caffeine

Chances are that you don't realise how many items contain caffeine. From protein bars to coffee, carbonated drinks to tea, chocolate to ice cream, pain relief medication to energy water - it takes only 15 minutes for it to then have a stimulating effect on the body.

Insomnia is a common side effect, as the impact of caffeine can last for several hours. It's advisable to start eliminating it from your diet where possible - and especially right before bed.

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