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What's The Best Bed For Tall People?

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Shopping for a new bed can be frustrating when you're tall. Currently, a standard double bed is 6'3 in length. Bearing in mind that we don't generally sleep with our heads against the headboard, anyone over 5'9" will find a double bed too short. So what's the answer if you're 6'3" and over? Here's The Best Bed For Tall People.

What's The Best Bed For Tall People?

The Different Sizes

As we've established, a double bed is best suited to those under 5'9". Anyone over that needs to be shopping for a king size bed. King size beds are 6'6" in length and 5'0" in width. Super king size beds are available but only offer extra width and not length. If you're over 6'3" and find your king size bed too short it might be an idea to shop for a custom length bed. That said, it does depend on how you like to sleep.

Your Sleeping Position

A big thing to take into account when shopping for a new bed is how you sleep. Taller people tend to sleep on their side and since they're taller, they take up more space doing so. If you're on the taller side and like to sleep on your side, it might be an idea to get a super king bed. Super king beds are a whopping 6'0" wide and are a great option for those over 6'4" that like to sleep on their side.

Obviously, not every bedroom is going to fit a super king bed. So if you're an extra tall side sleeper, a king size bed is still going to offer much more space than a double and is a great option.


It seems like the most common size bed for taller people is a king size. It's a great all-rounder if you prefer to sleep on your back or side. However, if you're on the extra tall side and find a king size too small. It might be an idea to invest in a super king or custom size bed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our sleep advisers who will be happy to help. 

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