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When do the clocks go forward in 2018?

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Spring is almost upon us and if you've clicked this article, you're probably wondering when do the clocks go forward in 2018? It's Sunday (25/03/2018). We will be switching over to British Summer Time - the days will be longer and we should finally start to see some sun. It's exciting, right? Here's everything you need to know about the clocks changing...

Do we gain or lose an hour in bed?

Unfortunately, when the clock strikes 1am on Sunday it will jump forward an hour. Meaning we lose that whole hour in bed. Since it's a Sunday, there's not much chance of people missing that morning meeting but if you're at work on Sunday, remember to set your alarm accordingly.

Will my phone time change automatically?

We've all been in the position of not being sure what the actual time is. Phones update automatically, manual clocks stay as they are and it's a lot to process on a Sunday morning. Most phones update the time automatically providing you have your location set to the right country (which you probably do). Most digital clocks swap over to BST but if you're really unsure of the time - you can always Google it.

Why do the clocks change?

The clocks go forward or back dependent on the season to make the most of daylight hours. The moving of the clocks was first introduced during World War One by Germany and Austria, and then by the allies, to save on coal usage. It's used now as a way to get up earlier which in turn gives us more hours of daylight after work. A good way to remember what way the clocks are changing is 'Spring forward, fall back'.

Avoid feeling groggy

The clocks changing can throw out your sleeping pattern and give you a general feeling of jetlag. The best way to avoid this is to try and head to bed an hour earlier on Saturday night. If you have trouble falling asleep at a different time to normal then you can check out our article on how to fall asleep faster, here. Brought to you by MattressNextDay.
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