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When Is It Time To Replace A Mattress?

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Mattresses have a much shorter life span than what people think. On average, a good quality mattress should last up to 8 years. With that said, the average amount of time to keep a mattress in a U.K household is 15 years. So, When Is It Time To Replace A Mattress? Here's everything you need to know. 

When Is It Time To Replace A Mattress?

The Mattress Is Misshapen

This is probably the most obvious and telling sign that your mattress has seen better days. If the mattress is noticeably misshapen, it's well past its expiry date. Sleeping on a sunken mattress can lead to neck and back pain and worst of all, poor quality sleep. While it may feel comfortable to have a perfect body shaped dip for you to sleep in, it's not good for your joints.

You Sleep Better Away From Home

If you enjoy staying in hotels for the reason that you get a better nights sleep, it might be time to upgrade your mattress. If you find yourself waking up feeling much more refreshed, it's likely your own mattress isn't giving you enough support.

Waking Up Feeling Unrested

Sleep should be rejuvenating and if you wake up every morning feeling tired still, it could be your mattress. This is because without noticing, you'll be moving around trying to find comfort whilst you sleep which unsettles the REM cycle. If you don't spend enough time in a deep sleep each night, you'll wake up feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get.

Sudden Allergy Symptoms

Comfort is the main reason mattresses get replaced, but there are underlying reasons to change your mattress. If you suddenly start presenting symptoms of an allergy it could be your mattress. Dust mites can be an allergen for some people and they tend to build up in an old mattress. Breathing in these allergens for 8 hours a night can lead to a spike in allergy symptoms. To ensure your mattress is hygienic, use a mattress protector and replace the mattress a minimum of once every 8 years. 

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