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When Should I Change My Mattress?

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On average, sleeping takes up a whole third of our day. We spend so much time in bed, it’s important to make sure our sleep environment is up to scratch. But how can you tell when a mattress has run its course? In general, The Sleep Council recommend replacing your mattress every 7 years. But often, you need to use your best judgment. Here are some signs you might need to change your mattress:


The easiest way to tell if your mattress needs replacing is of course, how it feels. If you've noticed that it has lost its bounce or is becoming much softer. It's definitely time for a new mattress. The reason The Sleep Council recommends changing a mattress every 7 years is that, in general, that's how long the materials can last. After this amount of time, they will start to deteriorate and become uncomfortable.


Over time, even if you take proper care, your mattress is bound to become unhygienic. On average, people lose around half a pint of fluid per night. This is the perfect environment for bacteria to form, which eventually leads to dust mites. Dust mites produce allergens which cause an unhealthy sleep environment. So, if your mattress is starting to look unhygienic it’s probably time for an upgrade.


Lumps and dips in mattresses are common when they need replacing. If a mattress has deteriorated to this point, it's likely you will start experiencing neck and back pain. This is because the structure in mattresses is designed to relieve pressure and align your spine. When the structure of the mattress alters, it can no longer support your joints correctly and can lead to nasty neck paint.

Waking Up

Often sleeping on an old worn mattress will cause restless sleep. Tossing and turning is common with worn mattresses because the mattress isn’t correctly supporting your spine. Causing you to subconsciously move around, looking for a comfy spot. This can cause you or your partner to wake up throughout the night, leading to poor sleep quality. If you feel like your mattress has seen better days, shop our range of affordable, quality mattresses at www.mattressnextday.co.uk. In need of a little extra advice? Our sleep experts are always happy to help.
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