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Why should you have a summer duvet?

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With spring approaching, we're going to answer the question - why should you have a summer duvet? It is actually very important to switch up your duvets seasonally and here's why...


If you use a duvet year round you probably have one with a high tog. So once the summer nights roll around, it's likely that you get too hot and just kick it to the floor. While you might think this is an innocent act, it actually greatly increases the chances of getting unwanted duvet guests - bed bugs. Your duvet may look clean but it absorbs sweat, dust and anything you might find on the floor when you chuck it down there. The best way to keep your duvet clean year round is to have two seasonal duvets. Keeping a high tog for winter and low tog for summer will get the best use out of your duvet. Also keeping it cleaner for longer because you use each one for half the time.


As you might have guessed, overheating is a big problem when using the wrong duvet for the season. Our bodies need to be cool to get a good nights sleep, that can be hard in summer as it is without a huge, thick duvet warming you as the night goes on. The optimum body temperature for sleeping is 28-29 degrees, slightly below body temperature. Unless you have complete control over your bedrooms temperature, you'll need to adjust your duvet to the season. Otherwise, as said in the first point, you'll just end up kicking it to the floor in summer. The ideal tog for winter is 13.5 while being reduced to 4.5 in the summer.


Although it might seem like a waste of money having two duvets, it's actually an investment in the long run. Using one duvet year round amounts in a lot of wear and tear to the duvet. When using a winter tog in the summer, it will get twice as much sweat as normal not to mention the amount of time it spends on the floor. Storing the duvet away that you're not currently using also gives it a chance to regain shape and will keep it fluffy for longer. Guaranteed you'll be getting a lot longer out of your duvet life by swapping them out seasonally. Brought to you by MattressNextDay. Shop our full range of duvets, here.
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