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Why You Should Never Buy A Second-Hand Mattress

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We all love to save a bit of money when we're buying something new. Sometimes we can bag ourselves a good deal or even better, get something second-hand. But there are some things that are definitely not worth passing on. And mattresses are one of them. Here's Why You Should Never Buy A Second-Hand Mattress.

Why You Should Never Buy A Second-Hand Mattress

Use By Date

Like everything, mattresses have a use by date. It's not as specific as the pack of tomatoes in the fridge but it's still a thing. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your mattress every 8 years or when it shows wear and tear. Whatever comes sooner. When accepting a second-hand mattress you generally have no idea when it was purchased or the specifications of the mattress. The quality makes a huge difference in how often it needs replacing.

The Grooves

You may not notice but over time, your mattress starts to create a groove around your body. This isn't damaging to you but if you sleep in someone else's groove it can lead to back and neck problems. Over time, sleeping on an ill-fitting mattress will cause a lot of stress on your joints and lead to sleepless nights.

The Yuk Factor

Of course, the main reason we tend to avoid second-hand mattresses is bacteria. If a mattress is obviously soiled, we would naturally avoid it. But just because you can't see the dirt doesn't mean it's not there. On average, we lose around 200-500 milliliters of sweat each night. All of which is seeping into our mattresses without us knowing. Of course, a mattress protector can help, but it's not impenetrable. Having a mattress full of your sweat is one thing, but a mattress full of a strangers sweat is another.

Affordable Options

If you can't currently afford a brand new mattress, try shopping online. Online retailers can offer much lower prices due to lower overheads and you can bag a new mattress for almost half the price. Here at MattressNextDay we have a huge amount of affordable mattresses and pride ourselves on quality.

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