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Why you should read before bed

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Before the dawn of Netflix, there was a time most of us read before bed. As times gone on, we all rely on TV to wind down. But TV can do the exact opposite of that. Overexposure to blue light before bed can really inhibit your night's sleep. So, here's why you should read before bed...

It reduces stress

Stress is the most common reason for being unable to fall or stay asleep. Reading is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. And is there a better time to reduce stress than directly before bed? Probably not. Fitting an hour of reading in before sleep will help you relax and wake up feeling refreshed.

Reading improves your memory

We've all woken up with 'brain fog'. That horrible feeling when you can't quite remember what you're doing or seem to complete any task properly. This is often because lack of quality sleep makes our short-term memory worse. Reading every day is proven to improve your short-term memory and in turn, will help you avoid the dreaded brain fog.

Having a routine helps you sleep

Even though watching TV before bed is a routine, it's not the best one you can have. If you do the same things every night before you sleep it helps your brain wind down quicker and will lead to an easier snooze. Reading for an hour couldn't be a better thing to add to your routine.

It makes your eyes tired

Ever found yourself falling asleep whilst reading, no matter what time of day? That's because reading makes your eyes tired and when your eyes are tired, you feel genuinely tired. This a great way to fall asleep if you're not feeling ready for bed.

You can avoid blue light

There's really nothing worse than staring at a screen before bed. Phones tend to have a blue light filter built it now but unfortunately, TV hasn't caught up yet. Blue light keeps your brain active and you'll struggle to settle down for sleep whilst looking at a screen. Most people find themselves getting a better quality of sleep when avoiding blue light before bed. So, if you're not feeling refreshed in the morning. Swap the TV out for a good book. Brought to you by MattressNextDay. Shop our full range of sleep accessories, here.
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