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Why You Should Start Reading Before Bed

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Reading is definitely one of those goals most of us want to do more of but never seem to have time. We all know reading has a million benefits for our brains but what time of day is best to read? It's hard to find the time but the easiest solution is 10 minutes of reading right before bed. There are some great extra benefits that reading has before bed too. Here's Why You Should Start Reading Before Bed

It Relaxes You

Reading is best saved for the evening because it tends to make us tired. As lovely as a lunch break filled with reading sounds, you'll probably go back in to work ready for a snooze. The reason it makes us tired is that it makes our eyes strain to read the words and then your brain has to process that information which all takes its toll on our alertness. If you struggle to fall asleep easily, pick up a good book and dedicate 20 minutes just to reading. You'll be catching those zzz's in no time.

It Gives Your Brain A Workout

Yep, literally. The brain is a muscle too and it needs exercise to function properly but instead of dumbbells, it needs information. For example, if we all stopped talking to each other, reading, writing and watching t.v our brains would essentially start deteriorating. Reading is more neurologically challenging than speaking or processing images, meaning it's the best workout for the brain. Keeping healthy brains is important to reduce your chances of developing the degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s. Studies show that those who engage in regular reading, chess or solving puzzles are 2.5 times less likely to develop the illness. Dedicating 10 minutes before bed to reading will help maintain healthy brain function.

It Opens Your Mind

Reading allows you to live situations from someone else's point of view. We've all watched a book turned film creation and the characters haven't matched up to what we imagined in our head and that's because everyone that reads a book has a totally different experience. We all think differently so of course, we'll all have a different interpretation of books overall. The more you read, the more your creativity flows as it takes a lot of imagination to read a book. Which in our current society is great since we rarely have to imagine anything, everything's instant. Reading can also improve your empathy since you are reading from someone else's point of view, it allows you to imagine the characters emotion. So reading not only makes you smarter, it also boosts your understanding of other people.

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