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Wind down and wake up!

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Are you back at work feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to beat the January blues? No? Well, the truth is most people aren’t, but if you’re genuinely tired and suffering a bit more than you should from the post-Christmas come down, you might want to think about your sleeping habits. December is a busy time, especially with family demands, social events and an ever-increasing to-do list. Rather than a Christmas break, it can feel a bit like an endurance event, leaving you more tired and run down than you were before the holiday season. So in this new year, if you find you get to bed buzzing rather than snoring, try to incorporate some wind-down techniques that work for you. There is some truth in the old wives’ tale about a hot, milky drink. If this seems a little bit too much like a trip back to nursery, hot chocolate and camomile tea are also popular alternatives. Routine may well help – try to get jobs done earlier in the evening, rather than remembering as you're cleaning your teeth that you haven’t made packed lunches for the morning or put the dishwasher on. Reading is great, and bed may be the only place you get time to yourself to finish the latest page turner, but try to avoid the ‘but I need to know what happens next’ scenario – keep an old favourite by the bed or on your e-reader, rather than the latest thriller. Many people swear by listening to music or audiobooks; something to distract you from thinking and worrying. Do keep a pair of headphones near your pillow though, as you may have a partner who can get to sleep just fine (and aren’t they really annoying?) and won’t take kindly to being woken up! Finally, think about your mattress and pillow. It’s a very personal thing, and finding just the right one makes an absolutely amazing difference that you’ll wonder how you managed without for all those years! Feather or synthetic, firm or soft, coiled, sprung and memory foam – there’s the perfect one out there for you, so enjoy testing a few and look forward to bouncing out of bed with a spring in your step!
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