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How to Winter-ify your bedroom

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As we enter November, it's officially cold enough outside to justify getting into bed at 6 pm with a hot chocolate & Netflix at the ready. Sounds great, doesn't it? There are a couple simple changes you can make to your bedroom to make it a cosy, winter-proof fortress that you'll loathe leaving. Here are a few ways to Winter-ify your bedroom!


A guess would be that your bed is the main feature point in your bedroom so dressing it well is important! You'll be putting your duvet to good use for the next few months so investing in a nice, thick, soft one makes sense, right? When it comes to dressing it up, studies show that darker coloured bedding appears cosier. We're drawn to darker colours in the Winter.  

Pillows... and lots of them!

Nothing says 'Cosy' like a mound of cushions on the bed. We tend to spend a lot of time indoors in the Winter, for obvious reasons... Making your bed look like you'll just sink into it makes missing the sunshine a little less painful. Admittedly, taking 10 pillows off of the bed each night isn't ideal but it sure does look cosy.  


The more layers you can get in the bedroom the better. Got a wooden floor? Rug. Carpet? Rug. Rug? Put a rug on top of the rug. Adding different textures & layers give off a really soothing vibe. Almost like you're coming home to your own den to hide out in.  


Get some extra lighting for the colder months! Adding an extra lamp here and there can winter-ify your bedroom immediately. If you want some really cosy lighting, fairy lights are amazing and you can get some really on trend ones for next to nothing.  


Nothing says Winter-ready like a faux fur blanket. Adding one of these to the end of your bed can transform any bedroom into a Winter Wonderland. If faux fur isn't your thing, try a chunky cable knit or a suede throw!  

Mattress Topper

Probably not the most glamorous thing mentioned in the article but adding one of these to your bed can completely change the feel of it. A good quality mattress topper can help control the bed's temperature so you'll feel toasty through the winter months. Then, when if the heating comes on in the night the climate control technology will stop you from roasting. Not to mention the added softness which makes your now cosy bed, even cosier!
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