Mattress choices for antique beds   Mattress springs - construction  
  Fancy an antique bed? Don't choose an antique mattress to go
with it!
  The construction of mattress springs or coils is essential to the overall comfort and support the mattress gives.  
  Mattress - sleep on it   Mattress research  
  Mattresses are for sleeping on, so find the one that will give you the best night's rest.   Mattress manufacturers are constantly researching ways to improve their products.  
  Mattress advertising   Mattress retailers  
  Some mattress manufacturers advertise more heavily than others.   Where will you go to buy your mattress?  
  Mattress advice   Mattress re-use  
  Need some mattress advice? We can help.   Is it ever wise to re-use a mattress?  
  Mattress A-Z Part One   Mattress reviews  
  Our quick guide to the world of mattresses, from A-M   Is it worth paying attention to mattress reviews?  
  Mattress A-Z Part Two   Mattress safety  
  A-Z guide continues with information from N-Z   Reduce the chances of having an accident with your mattress.  
  Mattress bedding   Mattress sales  
  you need to choose new bedding to go with your latest mattress?   Is it a good idea to buy your mattress in a sale?  
  Mattress buyers' guide   Mattress science  
  Here’s our quick guide to buying your next mattress.   The materials and methods used to make mattresses are based on scientific research and testing.  
  Mattress care   Mattress selection  
  Looking after your mattress properly can help you to extend its life.   How do you decide which mattress to buy?  
  Mattress choices for allergy sufferers   Mattress size  
  Are you looking for a mattress that will help with allergy problems?   Does the size of your mattress matter? It does if you want a good night’s sleep.  
  Mattress delivery   Mattress types - Tempur-pedic  
  Once you’ve bought your new mattress, you’ll need to organise delivery.   Tempur-Pedic is an American company that specialises in making mattresses using a variety of memory foam.  
  Mattress choices for bedsteads   Mattress support  
  What type of mattress do you need for your bedstead?   If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’ll hear a lot about the “support” you need.  
  Mattress choices for divan beds   Mattress Ticking  
  What sort of mattress can you put together with your new divan bed?   We give little thought to mattress ticking – the fabric that holds our mattresses together.  
  Mattress cleaning   Mattress Toppers  
  What’s the best way to keep your mattress clean?   A mattress topper could give you the extra level of comfort you need.  
  Mattress coil counts   Mattress trends  
  If you’re choosing a sprung mattress, check the coil count.   What’s the latest in mattress technology and style?  
  Mattress comfort   Mattress types - latex foam  
  How do you assess the comfort of your new mattress?   The latest latex foam can provide you with a new level of support and comfort.  
  Mattress comparisons   Mattress types - memory foam  
  Can you compare mattresses, and if so, how?   Memory foam has been adopted by the mattress industry as a supportive, comfortable and long-lasting mattress filler.  
  Mattress competition   Mattress types - open coil  
  There’s no shortage of competition for your business between mattress manufacturers.   Open coil mattresses use one of the most long-standing methods of construction.  
  Mattress construction - unsprung   Mattress types - orthopaedic  
  An increasing number of mattresses are moving away from springs to other forms of construction.   Are you considering an orthopaedic mattress?  
  Mattress deals online   Mattress types - pocket sprung  
  You can get great mattress deals online.   Some of today’s most desirable mattresses are pocket sprung.  
  Mattress FAQs   Mattresses and pillows  
  At Mattress Next Day, we’re often asked the same type of questions by many customers. Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.   When you’re buying a new mattress, you should also think about investing in new pillows.  
  Mattress depth   Mattress types - zip and link  
  Mattresses now come in a range of depths for additional comfort.   A zip and link mattress allows each partner to choose the mattress that’s best for them.  
  Mattress design   Mattress upholstery  
  Do the variations in mattress design produce better mattresses?   The upholstery, or filling, of a mattress is one of the most important parts of its construction.  
  Mattress directories   Mattress use - get the best sleep  
  Are online mattress directories a good way of finding information?   Even with the best mattress, you can still have disturbed sleep if you don’t have the right routine.  
  Mattress discounts and offers   Mattresses - the best mattress  
  It pays to look around for the best mattress offers.   What constitutes the “best” mattress?  
  Mattress disposal   Mattresses - turnable or non-turnable?  
  How do you get rid of your old mattress?   Do you need to turn your mattress every few weeks? What benefits do you get from a non-turnable mattress?  
  Mattress durability   Mattresses - why they need support  
  How long will your mattress last?   A mattress gives you the support you need, but it also needs to be supported in order to work well.  
  Mattress experiments   Mattresses and bed bases  
  How do you know which mattress design is right for you?   When you’re choosing a mattress, you need to think about your bed base too.  
  Mattress expertise   Mattresses and dust mites  
  What sources of mattress expertise are out there?   It’s a fact that your mattress will be harbouring the common dust mite.  
  Mattress facts   Mattresses and heating  
  Mattress facts   Keeping warm in bed is a priority for many people during the winter months.  
  Mattress makeover   Mattresses for guests  
  If you’ve been neglecting your mattress, there are ways you can give it a quick makeover.   How should you choose a mattress for your guest room?  
  Mattress fillings   Mattresses away from home  
  Mattress manufacturers use a number of different fillings for their products.   Is there any way to guarantee a good night’s sleep away from home?  
  Mattress glosary   Mattresses by Dorlux  
  Confused by all the mattress terms you hear? Let us help.   Like many mattress manufacturers, Dorlux has a proud history  
  Mattress guarantees   Mattresses by Sealy  
  If you buy a new mattress, it will come with some form of guarantee.   Sealy mattresses have been popular with consumers for many years.  
  Mattress Guide Part 1   Mattresses by Silentnight  
  Looking for a new mattress? Read our helpful guide before you buy.   Silentnight is one of the UK’s biggest bed and mattress manufacturers.  
  Mattress Guide Part 2   Mattresses by Slumberland  
  Find out how to choose your new mattress with our handy guide.   We’re lucky to have so many excellent mattress manufacturers in the UK – Slumberland amongst them.  
  Mattress hints and tips   Mattresses for adjustable beds  
  At Mattress Next Day, we can give you the best advice when it comes to choosing your new mattress.   Adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular – but they must have the right mattress.  
  Mattress history   Mattresses for better health  
  What types of mattress did our ancestors sleep on?   Finding the right mattress could be beneficial to your health.  
  Mattress life span   Mattresses for double beds  
  A good mattress is a significant investment, so make sure it lasts for as long as possible.   quick guide to choosing a mattress for your double bed.  
  Mattress luxury   Mattresses for great sleep  
  Mattresses can be incredibly luxurious.   When you choose a new mattress, you want to be sure it’s going to help you sleep.  
  Mattress replacement   Mattresses online  
  When is it time to replace your mattress?   Take advantage of great deals by buying your next mattress online.  
  Mattress manufacturers   Mattresses for kids  
  Take a look at household mattress names with Mattress Next Day.   You need to pay as much attention to choosing the right mattress for your child as you would for yourself.  
  Mattress materials   Mattresses for less  
  A fascinating range of materials is used in mattress construction.   You don’t have to have a fortune to spend in order to get a decent mattress.  
  Mattress must-haves   Mattresses for pregnancy  
  What are the key things that you must have when you choose a new mattress?   When you’re pregnant, it’s important that you’re well supported while you sleep.  
  Mattress or bed - which comes first?   Mattresses for single beds  
  Once you’ve decided to buy a mattress and bed base together, which comes first?   It’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter what sort of mattress goes on a single bed – but it does.  
  Mattress prices   Mattresses for sleep disorders  
  Mattress prices can vary from under £100 to well over £1000 – what makes the difference?   If you have a sleep disorder, you may find that it helps to change your mattress.  
  Mattress problems   Mattresses for two  
  We can help you diagnose problems with your current mattress.   Sharing your mattress with someone else means that you have to consider their sleep needs as well as your own.  
  Mattress protection   Mattresses matter  
  There’s no harm in providing extra protection for your mattress – it could even help it to last for longer.   Does your mattress matter?  
  Mattress ratings   Mattresses on a budget  
  A mattress’s rating shows you how firm it is.   If you have a limited amount of money to spend, how can you choose the best mattress?  
  Mattress recycling   Mattresses Healthbed  
  What should you do with your old mattress?   ealthbed mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness.  
  Sweet Dream Mattresses   Dreamworks Mattresses  
  Sweet Dream Mattresses do just what they say, they provide a good night’s sleep so people can have sweet dreams.   Dreamworks mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness.  
  Breasley Mattresses   Hypnos Mattresses  
  For an incredible night’s sleep and the rest that you really need, you want the best mattresses on the market.   If you want a mattress that will send you into dreamland in comfort and style, then you want to look into Hypnos.  
  Mattresses By Body Impressions   Mattresses by Mansion House  
  If you are looking for a new mattress then you should consider a mattress by Body Impressions.   Mansion House knows only too well how important it is to get a good night's sleep.  
  Mattresses By Millbrook   Mattresses by Myers  
  If you are looking for a new bed then you should consider a mattress by Millbrook, especially if you like firm support for your sleep.   If you are in the market for a new bed and mattress, then you should consider purchasing a mattress by Myers.  
  Mattresses by Rest Assured   Staples Mattresses  
  The name says it all – a Rest Assured mattress guarantees comfortable and relaxing nights sleep, night after night.   Forget about inferior mattresses that are assembled with machines in a factory.  
  5 Reasons to replace an old mattress   Protect Mattress: Bed Bug Mattress Covers  
  Everyone has to replace a mattress at some point and it can definitely be a pain   We have all heard in the news about how bed bugs are making their homes in hotel mattresses  
  Choosing a Mattress Pad for Your Mattress   Research Your Mattress Before You Buy  
  You’ve now decided upon which mattress you want to buy and you are very excited about your choice   There is no doubt that there are many makes and models of mattresses available to buy  
  The Right Dimensions to Relieve Back Pain   Seeking Comfort? Try an Air Bed Mattress  
  The right mattress dimensions can make a huge difference when it comes to alleviating back pain   When people hear the words "air mattress," they automatically assume that it is an inflatable mattress that sits in the floor of teenager's bedrooms for when friends stay over  
  Choosing the Right Twin Mattress   The Cradle Mattress Difference  
  The mattress choices that are available can seem rather overwhelming when choosing a mattress for your child   Some believe cradle mattresses to be the same, but this is a common misconception  
  Finding that Perfect Cheap Mattress   The Foam Mattress versus the Latex Mattress  
  The word "cheap" doesn't necessarily have to indicate that a mattress is of poor quality   There is a debate as to whether a foam mattress is better than a latex mattress or a latex mattress is better than a foam mattress  
  Finding the Top-Rated Mattresses   The Futon Mattress  
  When looking for a mattress, it can be difficult since there are so many different kinds and different brands that are available   Futons are great to use as a sofa during the day and, with a great futon mattress, can serve as a bed at night  
  Health Benefits of a Good Foam Mattress   The King Size Mattress  
  A good foam mattress is designed in such a way that it conforms to the contours of each individual's body   The name says it all, "king size mattress"  
  Is the Mattress Box Spring Necessary?   The Memory Foam Mattress on Pain Relief  
  There are many stories of college students sleeping with their mattress on the floor   There are many individuals who suffer from chronic pain in their joints  
  Mattress Sizes   The Waterbed Mattress Guide  
  Things such as price, the amount of comfort, and the amount of support offered by a mattress are very important   For those wanting to become a waterbed owner, there is something that needs to be told of the waterbed mattress  
  No-Flip Mattresses   What Innerspring Mattress is the Best Type?  
  There is actually a debate that says a no-flip mattress benefits the manufacturer more than it does the consumer   The market is full of innerspring mattresses, so choosing the best one isn't exactly a straightforward process