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Mattress A-z - Part One

Our quick guide to the world of mattresses, from A-M

Allergies - if you or a family member suffers from allergies, get them checked out. If your doctor thinks that the allergy may be related to dust mites, you need to think about protecting your mattress or changing it altogether.

Bed bases - the type of bed base you have underneath your mattress is important. The wrong base will have a negative effect on the support and comfort you get from your mattress.

Comfort - most people rate the comfort of their mattress as being the most important thing when it comes to going to sleep. Make sure you choose a mattress that's comfortable for you.

Dust mites - there could be thousands of these in your mattress and pillow, which is why you should clean your room and bedding thoroughly and never use a second-hand mattress.

Experiment - before you buy a new mattress, always try out a variety of makes and types. This is the best way to discover which mattress is the most comfortable for you.

Fillings - mattress manufacturers use a wide range of fillings. The quantity and combination of these fillings is one of the things that determine the support it gives to you.

Guests - a new mattress that's bought for a guest bed should last longer than the one you sleep on every night. Make sure that you air the mattress and wash bedding in between guest visits.

Hair - natural hair is often used as a mattress filling. Naturally resilient, it can be teased or curled to provide an additional springy feeling to the mattress.

Innovative - mattress manufacturers need to be innovative in order to stay ahead of the competition. That's why each manufacturer has a research department that's focused on ways to improve design and construction.

Jumping - should be strictly forbidden. Allowing children to jump on beds weakens the mattress structure and puts unnecessary strain on the springs and other materials.

Kids - buying the right mattress for a child is as important as buying one for you. Children need supportive mattresses throughout their lives to ensure that their spines are not subject to unnecessary pressure during their key growth periods.

Latex foam - made from rubber trees, latex foam can be adapted and used in a number of ways to construct supportive, comfortable mattresses.

Memory foam - developed by NASA to absorb the immense G-forces encountered by astronauts, memory foam is now favoured by the mattress industry because of its ability to mould to your sleeping position - no matter how often you change positions during the night.

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