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The Cradle Mattress Difference

However, there are some who don't even consider the cradle mattress to be a mattress, but rather a very thin mat that is waterproof. Nevertheless, there are sheets that are fitted to the cradle mattress just like a regular mattress and they add comfort for baby despite the fact that they may only be around 2 inches thick. They also come in two sizes: 18x36 and 15x33.

Things to keep in mind:

• Cradle mattresses must meet safety standards

• A cradle mattress should promote good health (have several on hand because baby is quite messy). There are organic cradle mattresses that are antimicrobial and prevent bacteria growth inside and out. They also naturally keep out germs and mites.

• Make sure the cradle mattress is crack resistant.

• Be sure baby is comfortable. This goes back to organic cradle mattresses in that they are made with grow wool and rubber and are very soft.

There are just some of the things to think about when purchasing a cradle mattress. Baby needs comfort too, so cradle mattresses can do it in a safe way.

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