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Healthbed Mattresses

Healthbed mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness

Healthbed mattresses come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, and degrees of firmness. There are 19 different models including:

• Backcare Deluxe 1400
• Backcare Original 1000
• Bedstead 1000
• Bedstead 1000 Ortho
• Bedstead 1500
• Bedstead Ortho Deluxe
• Bedstead Supreme
• Flexmatic
• Latex Comfort
• Memory Med 1000
• Memory Med 1100
• Memory Med 1400
• Memory Med 1500
• Memory Med 2000
• Memoryflex
• Perfect Comfort 1500
• Posturematic
• Replenish
• Weekender

Many Healthbed mattresses are treated with an Anti-Dust Mite Protection (ADP) to ensure the mattress is an unfriendly environment for dust mites. This means it is a fresh and allergen free environment for a good nights rest.

Some Healthbed mattresses are non-allergenic to ensure that allergies will not be stirred up during sleep. The Backcare Original model has seven layers of Hypo-Allergenic fillings including Fibrefill and Allergenic Holofibre.

Everyone has a preference for whether they sleep on a soft, medium, or firm mattress. Healthbed mattresses offer a variety of firmnesses. Healthbed mattresses have a range of firmness going from 1000 to1400 to1500 to 2000. Mattresses receive these ratings according to the number of heavy gauge individual pocketed springs they contain.

Healthbed mattresses offer several selections of mattresses and beds with Vitafoam Vasco Memory foam. These mattresses are sensitive to the pressure your body places on them and adjust to your shape. There are several mattress covers including: Damask, a soft stretch knit quilted fabric, and latex.

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