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The King Size Mattress

As with all mattresses, king size mattresses are made with one of the four main methods of support: foam, water, inner springs, and air chambers. As far as size, king size mattresses can be found to be around 60 inches wide by 75 inches in length. However, it does depend on the location in which the mattress is purchased since different countries have different standards regarding the size of mattresses.

The largest European king mattress is the super king. It has the same measurements as the standard king size mattresses made in Asia that measures 78 inches wide and 72 inches long. Even though various locations around the world have different sizes, it is possible for the sizes of other countries to be manufactured under a special name. In this case: the super king.

As for the reasons in which individuals buy king mattresses is entirely up to the individual. Some people are extremely tall while others simply like the thickness. Then there are those who absolutely love space. No matter the reason, there is a king size mattress to fit.

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