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Mattress Advertising

Some mattress manufacturers advertise more heavily than others.

Most consumers are familiar with the Silentnight mattress and bed adverts - across all media - which use the animated Hippo and Duck characters to promote the support and comfort that their mattresses can give. How do you distinguish between what's claimed in the adverts mattress manufacturers produce and what you actually get from the product?

Make up your own mind

All advertising is designed to encourage you to choose that particular brand or service when you come to buy. From washing up liquid to wireless technology, it's all about what customers associate with the product and its name. If the associations are good and the name is memorable, consumers are more likely to look at that brand first and possibly to buy it without even trying any of the others. A good advertising campaign targets a particular audience, plays to their desires or fears and encourages them to buy.

As a mattress buyer, you need to have enough information to make up your own mind. Just because you've seen a particular brand advertised, it doesn't necessarily follow that it's the only brand, or the best brand. It may help you to learn a little more about mattresses and why they are important, but you still need to make up your own mind.

Do a little mattress research

If you see an advert from a mattress manufacturer, do a little research to see what else you can find. Visit the company's website, find out which retailers stock their mattresses, learn more about construction methods and technologies and then look at other manufacturers as well. This allows you to compare materials, designs and prices so that you are fully informed before you go to a showroom or visit an online retailer.

Mattress advertising is useful because it lets manufacturers connect with their current and potential customers. It gives you the opportunity to see what's available and it provides you with a starting point for your research so that when you need to buy a mattress, you have all the information you need.

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