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Mattress Care

Looking after your mattress properly can help you to extend its life.

If you have wisely decided to spend a reasonable amount of money on a new mattress, you will want to protect your investment by looking after it. Well cared for, a mattress can give you at least 8 years of use - and when you consider that out of those 8 years, you'll spend over 2.5 years lying on top of that mattress, you'll see why it's so important.

When your mattress is delivered

The care of your mattress starts the day it arrives. The mattress has been constructed to give you the right level of support and comfort, but in order to get from the factory to you, it has had to be wrapped and moved, perhaps more than once. When it gets to your house, you should take off all the wrapping and let the mattress breathe. Mattresses are usually wrapped in polythene, which may encourage the build-up of moisture, so it's wise to let the fresh air circulate around your mattress for a while.

You should also give some time for your mattress filling to settle. You can sleep on it whilst this happens, but don't be alarmed if you mattress feels slightly different after a couple of night's sleep.

If you have decided to use a mattress cover to protect your mattress from stains and to reduce the likelihood of airborne allergens from dust mites, put your cover on once your mattress has aired.

General mattress care

If your mattress requires turning, don't forget to turn it. Some mattresses only require rotating rather than turning, and your care instructions should tell you how often you need to do this. In addition, when you strip your bed to wash the bedding, leave your mattress to air for at least half an hour, and vacuum it every month or so, being particularly careful around quilting and tufting so that you don't damage the outer surface of your mattress.

Don't fold your mattress, even if you're storing it, and only use mild detergent and non-harsh cleaning equipment to remove stains.

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