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Mattress Coil Counts

If you're choosing a sprung mattress, check the coil count.

The coil count is the number of coils or springs used to make the mattress. It can be used as an indication of how responsive the mattress will be to your body position, and also, in some cases, of how firm the mattress may be.

Standard count

In a standard double bed, the number of coils used is normally around 300. This provides a reasonable level of support. The number of coils will be roughly the same no matter whether the mattress construction is open coil, continuous coil or pocket sprung. Most of us will have slept on a mattress that contains an average coil count and had a good night's sleep.

Variable counts

When mattress manufacturers discovered the advantages of increasing the coil count, they began to produce product ranges that were built around the number of coils used. In addition, the ways that the coils are constructed into a mattress based can also vary between ranges and between manufacturers, offering yet more choice to consumers.

Open coil counts

An open coil mattress is made up of a number of individually-turned coils, which are then linked together with wire. Traditionally, the coils have been linked in horizontal rows and many still are. There are open coil mattresses, however, where the coils are linked in vertical rows. This is particularly useful for double mattresses, as it allows the coils to respond individually to each sleeper.

Continuous spring counts

A continuous spring mattress is made from a single piece of wire which is "knitted" together to provide the basis for the mattress. If the wire is loosely knitted, with a lower coil count, it will produce a softer mattress. A more tightly-knitted spring system, however, with more coils will produce a firmer and more supportive mattress.

Pocket-sprung counts

The coil count of a pocket-sprung mattress is one of the indications of the support and comfort you can expect from it. Many pocket sprung mattresses now hold over 2000 coils. Each one is sewn into its own pocket and the pockets are then joined together to form the mattress support system. The higher the coil count, the more individual movement you get from the coils, which means you can be properly supported regardless of your sleeping position, or how many times you change position during the night.

When you're investigating or trying out sprung mattresses, always ask about the coil count.

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