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Mattress Comfort

How do you assess the comfort of your new mattress?

If you've been used to lying on your own mattress for several years, you'll automatically notice a difference when you stay in a strange bed - in a hotel for example, or when staying with friends. How can you tell which is the most comfortable? We would always say that our own bed is the most comfortable, but perhaps that's just because we're used to it. A mattress that's over 10 years old will have deteriorated in terms of the quality of support it provides, and that could be the reason that you wake up with aches and pains in the morning - rather than the workout you did the night before, or attributing it to advancing years!

What's comfortable for you?

It's important to remember that everyone has a different idea of what's comfortable and what's not. Whilst some may love sinking into a mattress, others will find that a firmer mattress allows them to sleep better. It's because we're all different that mattress manufacturers make so many different varieties of mattress - a single style just wouldn't suit everyone. Think about what is comfortable for you, and then try out some mattresses to see which lives up to your expectations of comfort.

Consider your partner

If you share your bed, you also need to take your partner’s preferences into consideration. How do you manage if you like a firm mattress and they prefer something softer? What happens if they weigh significantly more than you do? If this is the case, you may want to think about zip and link mattresses. These mattresses come in single, or individual sizes, but can be linked together to form a double mattress. This means that you can have the firmer mattress you need and they can have the softer one without either of you having to compromise on your comfort.

Try them out

There's no substitute for experience, so set aside a reasonable period of time and hit some showrooms so that you can test out different types of mattress from different manufacturers. Make a note of the ones that you like, so that you can shop online for great discounts.

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