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Mattress Competition

There's no shortage of competition for your business between mattress manufacturers.

Like most consumer goods, the mattress market enjoys healthy competition. What's more, we're lucky in the UK to have a number of outstanding mattress manufacturers who produce a wide range of mattresses for us to choose from. So how do we distinguish a Silentnight mattress from a Dorlux or a Sleepeezee?

Mattress preferences

For many, it's a simple matter of preference: that mattress feels more comfortable than the other one. The way a mattress feels is a highly personal thing, which is why you need to take the time to try out a variety of mattresses - and take your partner with you if you share a bed. You may think that you'll only ever buy a sprung mattress, but try out a memory foam, and you could be converted. On the other hand, if you've always thought that an open spring mattress was just to utilitarian, try a mattress that's packed with over 1000 springs in individual pockets and you may wonder how you ever managed without one. Whilst coil counts may differ, fillings may change and constructions alter, it's how you feel when you lie on the mattress that matters.

Brand preferences

If you've always bought a Sealy mattress, you might only be willing to consider their range when it comes to buying a new one. All of today's main mattress manufacturers have a wide range of mattresses, so you may well be able to find exactly what you're looking for by sticking with the brand you've always known but equally, you may miss out on the perfect mattress because you're not willing to try something new.

Price preferences

Whilst most manufacturers market mattresses for a range of budgets, there are those who concentrate on the higher end of the market, and those who cater for customers on a tight budget. In both these sectors, and in the most popular mid-range, there is plenty of competition for your business, and the competition on price has increased with the growth in online mattress retailers, who have lower costs than high street stores and can pass those savings directly onto the customer.

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