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Mattress Directories

Are online mattress directories a good way of finding information?

As the amount of information on the internet continues to grow, online directories are available for most types of consumer goods - including mattresses. In general, these directories exist to point consumers towards websites that sell the products or services they are looking for, but will a directory help you to find the right mattress?

Online directories can be very useful. Depending on who's running the directory and how it's organised, you could find what you're looking for very easily. For example, a directory that is split into a number of different sections will be easier to search than one that simply lists all the participating websites in alphabetical order. When you click into a directory, have a look to see if you can search by mattress type, for example, or by manufacturer. If you're simply faced with a list of websites, how do you know which ones will sell the type of mattress you're looking for?

Who's listed?

Apart from the structure of the directory, the next thing to consider is "who's listed?" An online directory will only list those website which it has contact to get permission for listing, or those that have decided that it's worth paying to be listed. This means that there may be many mattress retailers who simply haven't been approached by the directory, or whose marketing department hasn't thought about online directories as a potential source of customers. You could be missing out on the best deals simply because the retailers aren't listed.

Up-to-date information

Is the information in the directory up-to-date? It's a common occurrence to find that the website you click through to has moved, or is no longer available. Telephone numbers may be wrong and the stock may have changed. Directories that ensure the information they hold is up-to-date are the best resources to use.

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